Welcome to Baphomet's Temple

Baphomet is the god who is called Lord of Perversions, because He takes those things that others consider perversions and redeems them into holy acts. Welcome to His online temple. Unsurprisingly, this site contains sexually explicit content including graphic descriptions of perverse and sadomasochistic activities, as well as Pagan and occult spiritual practices. It is indended for adults who are comfortable engaging in these types of activites and would like more information about specific spiritual applications of their practices. Many of these activities have significant inherent risks, and should not be engaged in without substantial experience and training. This information is not intended to persuade or encourage anyone to engage in these activities.

Undoubtedly, a few individuals who emphatically disapprove of these activities will read this information. Perhaps they delight in being shocked and titilated by such things. Perhaps they seek confirmation that those who they despise really are as evil as they fear. May the information they read here creep silently into the dark recesses of their minds and bring their own perversions into the light. This delights Baphomet to no end.