Vitamins and Herbs for Bottoms

Vitamins and Herbs for Bottoms

Courtesy of the Order of the Dark Moon Rising, Bat Phalanx

Since none of us here are rich, and few of us feel comfortable about taking our cuts and bruises to the doctor unless they are really serious, we need to know about healing ourselves whenever possible. Certain vitamins and herbs are useful for healing the bruises and abrasions common to S/M practitioners. They are:

1. Zinc! Zinc aids the body's healing and should be taken in 50 mg. doses; ideally once a few hours before you get whipped and then again the next morning. People who get beaten regularly should take it daily.

2. Vitamin E, the skin vitamin, should be taken daily with the zinc in doses of at least 200 mg. Vitamin E comes in two forms, oily and dry. If your skin is dry or sunburned or you take female hormones, take the oily gelatinous version. If your skin is oily, you have acne, or you take any form of male hormones, take the dry version.

3. Vitamin C. Aids the body's healing and the absorption of other vitamins. Take at least 500 mg. daily.

4. Aloe. All S/M practitioners should have an aloe plant in the house. They're easy to grow, don't take much maintenance, and are invaluable. Within 24 hours of the beating, cut off a leaf of aloe (asking permission of the plant first), slit it up the side with a knife so as to open the leaf flat, and smear the green ooze on, letting it dry. Wash it off in the shower an hour later.

5. Goldenseal and Myrrh for cuts and abrasions, wherever the skin is broken. They are antiseptics. Get Goldenseal in a tincture for best results.

6. Comfrey. Also known as Boneset, Comfrey is the ultimate bruise herb. Take it both internally in a tea and externally as a poultice on bruised areas.

Recipe for Bruise Tea:
Comfrey (for wounds and bruises)
Yarrow (for inflammation)
Chapparal (antiseptic)
Thyme (internal antiseptic)
Hyssop (mucous membranes)
Hops (mild sedative)
Mullein (mild sedative)
Rose Hips (for vitamin C)
Mint (flavoring)