Dark Moon Rising: Schedule

Schedule for 2017


12:00pm - Earliest Allowed Arrival TIme

6:00pm - Meet and Greet

7:00pm - Follow The Loathing: Aghora and the Black Shamanic Path by Raven Kaldera


11:00am - Disgust as a Spiritual Tool and Practice by Wintersong Tashlin

2:00pm - Ritual: Identity in the Abyss

4:00pm - "Behold, I stand at the door and knock": Initiation as spiritual ordeal, internal crisis, and external confirmation by Alex Batagi

8:00pm - The Power of Depression by Thista Minai


11:00am - When the Boundaries Get Moved : Who's an Edge Player Now? facilitated by Ruth Addams

1:00pm - Closing Remarks and Farewells

3:00pm - Everybody Out