Dark Moon Rising: Workshops

Workshops for 2017

Follow The Loathing: Aghora and the Black Shamanic Path

Raven Kaldera

Most white-light spiritual paths see emotions like fear, shame, anger, and especially disgust as markers of things to be avoided rather than things to be pursued, faced down, and come to peace with. However, there have always been underground side paths that explored those roads and found power and healing in them. BDSM often pulls us into paths like this, so we'll briefly explore ideas from those paths that tread into the darkness such as Aghora, Chod, the Siberian black shaman path, poison-eating, etc., ... and then those of us who are called to do so can share our own experiences with following the loathing into the heart and beyond.

The Power of Depression

Thista Minai

There's no denying that depression is a powerful force, but can we use depression as a source of power in our magic? Come share your stories of living with depression and its affect on spirituality.

When the Boundaries Get Moved : Who's an Edge Player Now?

A round table discussion facilitated by Ruth Addams

Please come and join in a conversation about the changing boundaries in the kink scene. How does this affect how people feel about edge play that was once forbidden, and is now commonplace... and where the boundaries are now. Where do you draw the line personally? How do you decide what your community can accept, and what might be "too much"?

"Behold, I stand at the door and knock": Initiation as spiritual ordeal, internal crisis, and external confirmation

Alex Batagi

All aspects of spiritual and religious practice have elements of initiation involved; a process that causes a profound change internally and/or externally for the initiatee and that grants a beginning and a communication of privilege or rights. How does this play out spiritually when we are creatures of flesh and desire? Does this manifest in our kink and SM relationships? Who are we as initiatee and/or initiator and what do these roles hold for us spiritually and/or sexually? Come with ideas, questions, and experiences, and be ready to explore how our experiences reflect the process of initiation and becoming.

Disgust as a Spiritual Tool and Practice

Wintersong Tashlin

As spiritual and/or magical people, we often find power in deep emotional places. Sex, pain, love, lust, wonder, connection, peace, calm, fear, joy, and many more are familiar territories, if not in our own practices, than in those of people we know. Sometimes our spiritual pursuits are intended to take us outside of the physical, while other times it is our earthly natures that we seek to explore. Together we'll examine an often underutilized element of our nature: disgust, and look at how we can use the emotional and practical elements of disgust both as part of our regular spiritual practices, and as a tool for working towards our spiritual or magical goals.